Monday, August 24, 2009

Sooo many adventures!!

Hey everybody! I had a huge weekend! (and I remembered my camera!)

On Saturday, we went shopping and we traded the other bed for this one. I likes this one soo much better cuz my toys don't get stuck in the seam, and my nose isn't squashed into the side.

And I gots a new toy!! It's a kong wubba. I love Kong toys! Grrr wubba, Grrr!

On Sunday Morning, we woke up early and went to...the DOGPARK!! Yesss!

I was soo excited, I just couldn't sit still.

I could hear and see the other dogs and I was ready to get my play on! Come on moms!! Move it!

Wheeee!!!! Here I come dogs!!

Ohhh sooo (*yawn*) much (*yawn*) fun!!!

Sunday Night, we went to a barbecue at my uncle and auntie's house. It was fun for both the dogs and the peoples!. (Mom's note: It always makes me laugh when I take Arlo up there because it's like a game of "which one of these things is not like the others".)
Me and Cousin Luke was chewin on our toys.

Me and Cousin Amos love to wrestle!

(Mom's note: And then, after all that fun and dirt and dog slobber, he stank to high heaven.) And then to top it all off...moms made me take a bath.

I's not a big fan of the baths...I try to escape but it's no use.

Soap on the head. Ugh! I smell all flowery.

Is it over yet moms? Please? (This is the saddest look I've ever seen. He reminds me of eeyore.)

Yay! Done and warmin up in a towel!

And then I was off to bed. Nighty night!

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