Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

This was my first thanksgiving and I wasn't sure what it was all about.  First, my mom made me take a bath and then I had to stay out of the kitchen all morning and no one would play with me!  The peoples were running around all crazy and I was beginning to wonder if they forgot about me!  But then we went to my granny's houe and I got to play with my mom's cousin's doggie and then we went to my aunt's house and I got to play with 2 pug sized peoples (a 3 year old and a 1 year old)! and then we went back home and there were lots of people there and everyone was sooo nice to me and I got to eat lots of treats!!  I like this Thanksgiving stuff. 

Moms says it's a day to be thankful for all the blessings we have in our lives. My cousin luke is a rescue pug, and he told me all about how scared he was at some place called the pound.  He didn't where he was or how he got there.  He didn't have any toys or treats and he was all alone with only a cold floor to sleep on until some nice peoples rescued him. He has a lot to be thankful for now.  He has a mom and a dad and a little brother named Amos and he gets lots of love and treats and toys and he gets to cuddle in a big bed with his family.  He may have a lot to be thankful for, but I have a lot to be thankful for too. I am thankful that I have a mom that loves me. I am thankful that I have never known life without love.  I am thankful that I live in a warm house with lots of treats and stuffies and a big warm bed to sleep in, too. 

I'm also thankful for all of my blogger friends and I hope everybody has as good of a Thanksgiving as I did! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A quick game..

Momzie's schoolwork is getting in the way of my blogging time again but we saw this blog game, and decided it was too good to pass up.

The rules: All you have to do is Google your first name with the word "needs" behind it and post the results.

Arlo needs a job. (I already gots a job...professional cheerer-upper!)

Arlo needs to get Janis difference books. (Moms says she guesses that Janis needs to learn some tolerance. I guess it's up to me to help her!)

Arlo needs your help!  (Yes, Help!  I can't open the cabinet where my treats are! )

Arlo needs to take the situation in hand. (Ok, I will try to get the treats myself.)

Arlo needs to hire you on his staff. (Yes! come work for me as my wait-staff! I will pay you in cuddles and kisses!)

Arlo needs a little publicity. (That' why I have a blog! Bol!)

Arlo needs to remember 1 thing…(That his mommy loves him!)

Tee-hee!  Have a great day everybody!

Monday, November 16, 2009

An Award for us!

It was so sweet of DW to give us an award. Thank you!

Here the terms of this award:

1. Publish a post on your blog - referring who awarded you.

2. Share 5 things you like to do (I'm gonna do one, and then my moms is gonna do one)

3. Share or pass this award to 10 friends.

The five things I like to do.....
(Arlo's list)
1. Be near my family

2. Ride in the car

3. Bark at other Dogs

4. Beg for treats

5. Sleep

The five things I like to do.....

(Mom's list)
1. Sleep
2. Spend time with Family

3. Read

4. Watch movies

5. Blog!

The 10 friends I'm awarding this to are......
(If you already got this no worries :) You are in my circle of friends or we read your blog religiously!)

Tuni & Sequoia
Oakley & Swisher
Arliss (Who almost has my name but not quite.)
Penny (who has my mom's name!)

And anyone else we forgot or didn't add...we still love you! Drop us a line!

Who would you be?

We totally wanted to play Salinger's "Who would you be?" game.  If I was a person...hmmm....Hey moooooommm! Who would I be? 

Arlo, you loveable goofball, you! After much thought and deliberation, I have decided that you are some kind of Chris Farley from Tommy Boy/Donkey from Shrek cross.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

6 months old!

Hi everybody! I missed you all so much!  My momzie has been hoging the computer...something about writing a term paper or something?  Whatever, moms!  You need to learn to share!  I need to check in with my bloggie friends.

On to bigger and better news...I turned 6 months old last Friday!

Da momzie likes this picture because you can see the little pink heart i have on my nose. 

I got some presents, too!  I got a new set of dishes with straight up and down sides so that my food doesn't fall overboard!

And I got a busy bone!  Busy bones are the most awesome, delicious, amazing, blissful things on the planet!  (Mom's note: and they don't splinter like rawhides!!)
MMmmm! Boney Goodness! Nom nom nom!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Moms keeps saying that I'm lucky I'm cute...I wonder why? 

Yes, Arlo, I WONDER.....
You little memory card eater! lol.

Poor, poor, Memory card. Rest in peace, friend.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lazy Sunday and the many faces of Arlo

Whew! The day after Halloween! We made it! Me and moms totally had ourselves a lazy Sunday and Slept in! Moms volunteered at a Halloween carnival last night and came home saying something about remembering why she wanted pugs instead of kids...whatever that means. Here is a picture of moms and me lazing out.
Here are the many costumes I wore yesterday. Moms just loves costumes. I know, I know...I spoils her...Bol.

Here is the bee costume i have...complete with baby bee.
Next up is the flying ace! Snoopy ain't got nuthin on me! Take that red baron!
Quittage anyone? He-he I'm hairy Pawter.
Arrrrr! I be a nakie pirate.
Ok. this isn't really a costume, but It does show my preppy side. I could totally be on Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill. (Mom's note: look at his face and think teen angst. lol)
Well that's all for now, but I hope everybody had a safe and happy halloween!