Sunday, August 30, 2009

A great day for the dogpark!

Hi everybody! I want to tell you about my Saturday. Moms and I get up and we're like, 'ok, we're bored' so we decide the best place to go when you're bored is the Dogpark. When we get there, there are like a bazillion cars and dogs everywhere, but we decide go to the dogpark first so that I get to play there for a while. I made lots of new friends, including a beautiful pug named Ka-choo. See her? I also met a shih-tzu named cocoa.

Ka-choo was shy at first, but she eventually came over and introduced herself. I showed her how to use the doggie water fountains.
Moms and I were talking to the other people at the dogpark about why there were sooo many cars and what was going on and one of the other peoples at the dogpark told my moms 'it's woofstock 2009' Woofstock? Wow moms! You picked a great day to go to the dogpark!
So we decided to head over there. There were all kinds of tents and animal adoptions and doggie crafts. At one of the tents I met the biggest pug I've ever seen.

Wow....I wonder if someday I'll ever be that big.

A pug can dream.

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dw said...

Awww it sounds like you had a wonderful day, Arlo!! Happy pug dreams to you!