Thursday, August 27, 2009

my favorite person!

Hey guys and gals! Arlo here and I want to tell you all about my favorite person in the Moms! I luuuuv her! She fell in love with pugs a long time ago and she used to be so sad and lonely because she didn't have a pug to love. Then my uncle got a pug (luke) and she tried to cheer up by playing with my cousin dogs and reading all the wonderful dog blogs...but it just wasn't the same. Who was gonna keep her warm at night and help her clean up the kitchen floor? There was no one. So sad for moms. And then one day the whole family agreed that she should have a pug of her own, she came to my birth house and Chose me!!!!! (actually, I was hoping she would choose me, so I turned on the ole' pugger charm, and snuggled my hardest so she would think I was the cutest!!!) I am sooo glad because she spoils me rotten with toys and treat and taking me places! I am soooo glad that I have my moms and she has me, her loving little puggy, arlo!

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