Thursday, November 18, 2010

Potter Mania!

If you're not a fan just stop right here.  Potter mania! My mom totally has it bad. She's read all the books more than a few times each, she has all the movies.  She has all the stuff, she even dressed me up in some Gryffindor garb (see above).  What is all the fuss about? Apparently this is the beginning of the end or something.  She was telling me that she has a theory.  Apparently in the world of Harry Potter, there are magical creatures that are disguised as everyday normal animals.  She thinks that pugs are a great example of these aforementioned magical creatures. Proof positive: have you ever met a pug that didn't make you smile, or make you happy when you're down?  Exactly.  Pugs are really magcal creatures that affect the mood of everyone they come in contact with. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We want to know...

What books do you guys read? We love books, particularly books about pugs, but really any books.  My mom likes to read a whole lot and she would really really like it if you guys would recomend some great books to her (and by proxy, ME!)  I'm not really sure when she thinks she's gonna have time to read said recommended books seeing as how she CAN"T EVEN FIND THE TIME TO BLOG ANYMORE! Bark Bark Bark! But anyways, I still love her.  And I still love all of you guys too. Sorry that we haven't been on here much.  We really really do plan to rectify that as soon as this really crazy semester is over. We love you all and we miss you all! We would like to send out our love to Tweedles, S-Dog, Pearl, Tuni, Sequoia, Daisy, Lilo, Harry, Lulu, Josie, Izzy, Katy, Anakin, Winston, Stubby, Emmitt, Jemima, Hank, Molly, Gen and the Foo, Wilma, Coco, Kitty+Coco, Paco, Yoda, Brutus, DW (an honorary pug), Oakly and Swisher, Our new friends Lola, and the teachers pets and anyone else we forgot...We love you and thak you for being our friends!!!
 Love Love, Love,
Pee-S, don't forget to recommend those books!!