Thursday, November 18, 2010

Potter Mania!

If you're not a fan just stop right here.  Potter mania! My mom totally has it bad. She's read all the books more than a few times each, she has all the movies.  She has all the stuff, she even dressed me up in some Gryffindor garb (see above).  What is all the fuss about? Apparently this is the beginning of the end or something.  She was telling me that she has a theory.  Apparently in the world of Harry Potter, there are magical creatures that are disguised as everyday normal animals.  She thinks that pugs are a great example of these aforementioned magical creatures. Proof positive: have you ever met a pug that didn't make you smile, or make you happy when you're down?  Exactly.  Pugs are really magcal creatures that affect the mood of everyone they come in contact with. 


dw said...

OMD, Arlo are you totally adorable!!! Your mama really needs to post more pics of your cute little face! I can't wait to see the newest HP movie -- though I probably won't go out this weekend as traffic in my city will be crazy because of a holiday thing, but I'll catch it this coming week for sure!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

My moms and I agree with your mom 100 percent.
Just look at you in your cuteness. Who in the world would not smile and feel love when thet look at you. Your a happy little clown- you are!

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Arlo you look so freaking cute! Its Potter time this weekend for our parents too!


Hank said...

Nice spectuhcles, bud.

Now I don't know much about that Harry Potter fella. I like westerns.