Friday, June 11, 2010

Flashback friday and Pearlie's quiz

First of all we (mom) want to say that we (mom) are sooo sorry that we (mom) have been off the radar lately. One of names or fingers here (not me) was "sick" all week and couldn't blog. Yeah yeah. Excuses excuses. Bol. Moms are always needing something! hehehe.

We also want to say how awesome flashback Friday is! Here's my flashback photo!

I was only 3 months old! Just a young thing! Bol.
And now for Pearlie's quiz! What a great idea! This is going to be fun!
1.) Name and Age: My name is Arlo, and I turned 1 on May 6.
2.) Breed: Pug
3.) Nickname(s): Honey, monkey, boo, booger, pickle.
4.) Where'd ya come from? I came from a breeder in Edmond. Naughty mommy answered a newspaper add, but she found me so I can't complain.
1.) Toy: loofa dogs. I love those things!
2.) Snack: chicken. Momma says I'm a chicken dog.
3.) Human person: mom mostly, but sometimes granny.
1.) Worst habit: I am very guilty of jumping up on people. I just cant help myself. I also steal flip-flops and stuff out of the trash. Hehe...I am naughty.
2.) Most embarrassing moment: Usually I am good at the dog park, but when I was younger, I fell in "love" very easily with the other dogs. Mom had to come get me a few times, but I am lots better now.
3.) Family dynamic (this is a question for those of you with more than one animal in the house. i.e. who is alpha? who is the cuddler? who is the naughty one? etc. I just want to know how you fit into the family!) I am an only pug, but I totally adore my cousin amos. I do everything he does. He is my hero.
4.) Your humans' FAVORITE thing about you!: He makes me laugh! Everyday! Whether I want to or not! I love him!
With that, we hope everybody has a super great weekend!


Those Elgin Pugs said...

Oh's Arlo!!

It's sooooooo good to see your sweet face!! Welcome back buddy!!

We love your Flashy Flash photos!! Very cool collar!! Mommy was laughing 'cuz it reminded her of the collar that the kitty was wearing in Men in Back - like you have something in 'dere!!

We's like your answers!!
We are a loofa loving house too!!

Izzy just gots a Lady Libertys Loofa and she also has an Elvira loofa for Halloweens! Anakin has a big giant loofas!!

Don't fell bads 'bout try to make friends at the parks!! hee hee!!

Have a good nite!!

Josie, Izzy &
Anakin Man

Wilma said...

Hi Arlo,
So sorry that someone (not you) foiled your ability to blog. Glad to have you back. I like your flashback picture. You look a lot like my bro Sluggo. He loves those loofas too. He tries to eat all the stuffing out of them, then he gets a belly ache. So be careful with the stuffing! Have a great weekend.

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Hi Arlo we love the puppy picture!

Pearl said...

Arlo, I LOVE that picture of you!

Thanks so much for taking the time to do my quiz!!!!


Hank said...

Arlo, buddy! Kid, you are just a PUP! In a couple o' years I'll take ya out fer yer first PBR, k?

An' yeah....when yer young ya can't help "fallin' in love". Happens tuh the best of us, bud.

Kitty+Coco said...

Pearly's quiz is fun. I am 1 too (as of Velentine's day). So you are a loofa dog huh? Those look sooo fun, but my Boston sister would just tear it up in about 2 seconds. Bet it feels good on the young pug gums.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi arlo!
oh we love your flashback photo and answers to the quiz!
how fun!

m & e